Partner with us and never turn a customer away again! Our revolutionary RapidCut on-demand system and Magic Installer allow your staff to protect and personalize mobile devices with our propriety film and skins in seconds, so you never lose a sale again.

Whether you’re an electronics retailer looking to offer an upsell for your products, a telecom retailer looking to capture sales on every phone sold, or an entrepreneur looking to open a Mobile Outfitters location, our proven process and products will increase your revenue and bottom line.

60,000+ protection and personalization options, on-demand

Get an expert fit with Magic Installer

Our Magic Installer makes installation easy, fast and perfect. Anyone can install our products perfectly in a snap, without specialized training or tools.

  1. Perfect installations in under 30 seconds
  2. No need to train staff or acquire special tools
  3. Small, safe and does not require power

What our partners say about our platform

“As a repair service, MediaClinc’s mission is to protect our customer’s mobile device. Mobile Outfitters matches our business model and generates a new stream of customers in our stores.”

- Philippe, Gamecash CEO/MediaClinic Creator

”We used a cheaper on-demand protection solution and were disappointed. Mobile Outfitters´ business business model is excellent. The overall profitability is better than our old solution and in addition to the higher margin for new customers, we´we gained long-term customers because of the Lifetime Replacement program” 

- Badre, Osny Repair Manager

“Given the increasing prevalence of mobile devices, it is impossible to have everything in stock and cover the entire range, so we used to miss sales every day. With Mobile Outfitters, we can meet 100% of the demand. We chose Mobile Outfitters because of the quality of the RapidCut machine, its protective films, and its Lifetime Replacement program.”

Nicolas, Gamecash Manager

Why Mobile Outfitters is the right partner


With an 80% gross margin on our products, 95% of our partners open a second location in the first year.


Our customer replacement program drives loyalty, foot traffic, and revenue, making our locations a powerful profit center.


Our premium products ore only available at our retail locations, and our partners can access regional exclusivity to sell our products.