Mobile Outfitters Lifetime Product Replacement Program

The following Mobile Outfitters products come with are eligible for the Product Replacement Program: Clear-Coat Original, Clear-Coat Matte, Fusion Products- (Film/ Bumpers) and StyleSkins.

You can obtain a replacement as long as you have your receipt and old product.

Once you’ve purchased your product, just register within 60 days. Be sure to register your product once you get it to ensure your purchase is covered by our Lifetime Replacement program. It takes less than a minute. Just follow the link below to upload your receipt and register your products.

Our Lifetime Replacements are available worldwide at any Mobile Outfitters location. You may go back to the location in which your initial purchase was made or you can go to another location that is closest to you. Our website has a store locator

After installation and purchase, we offer a 14-day period where we will resolve any issues with your Clear-Coat Original, Matte, Fusion Products and StyleSkins. Your statutory rights will continue to apply during and after this period.

After the initial 14-day period Product Replacements are liable to pay a labor fee. Please note, this fee is a labor charge and not the cost of the product. The labor fee you will be charged is listed below accordingly under the Replacement Program.

Phones for one side Front or Back are liable to £7 labour charge per side. Full Body (Front & Back) £12 labour charge. Fusion Bumper has a cost of £20 to replace.

Watches for Front Screen Only are liable to £5 labour charge. Full Body (Front & Back) £12 labour charge. Tablets, Front or Back are liable to £15 labour charge per side.
MacBook’s or Laptops for Full Body (Front & Back) are liable to a £30 labour charge.

To obtain a replacement at a kiosk, you need to have your original receipt along with your old pieces of Clear-Coat. It is important that you have the old product to request a replacement product. If you do not have the old product you will not be able to obtain a replacement.

Our Lifetime Replacement covers Clear-Coat films, Fusion and Bumpers only for the phone model that you originally purchased. For example, If you bought Clear-Coat for your iPhone 11, and needed a replacement Clear-Coat for your iPhone 11, that is covered under our Lifetime Replacement Program. However, if you purchase Clear-Coat for an iPhone 11, and would like a replacement for your iPhone 12, you would need to purchase an entirely new Clear-Coat, as it is not covered under the Lifetime Replacement.

*******Please note that we do offer product replacement of our products, however, we do not guarantee your screen or device will never break or reimburse for repair costs. *******

When purchasing any Mobile Outfitters protection products, please allow the device to rest for 1h to 2hr in the provided envelope and do not use any third-party products in the following 72h to allow the product to fully cure and dry on your device.

Post installation, if you notice any corners or edges lifting from your device please press down and hold between 10-15 seconds, this should resolve the lifting. If you have any further problems and/or you are not satisfied, please bring your device to any of the global locations where we will be happy to replace your product under the Replacement Program guidelines as listed above.

Please note that if Clear-Coat or Fusion is placed next to cosmetics, dyes, perfumes etc, it may absorb the colour of the cosmetic dye or perfume. In such circumstances please bring your device to any of the global locations where we will be happy to replace your product under the Replacement Program guidelines as listed above.

Mobile Outfitters provides edge to edge and 360 protection, however, due to the design of various devices, our protection may not cover 100% of your device such as speakers, power jacks, buttons etc.

The Product Replacement Program covers and is only valid on the model number of the device that you originally purchased it for, so it’s like for like replacement, if you purchase a new model or upgrade your phone you must purchase new protection for that device.

All Clear-Coat products make your devices scratch proof and more resistant from day to day use, however, they do not protect your device from water damage and do not guarantee that your device will never suffer any damage.

Mobile Outfitters accepts no verbal abuse to any of our staff members. For support contact: